Proverbs 31: The Virtuous Man

Proverbs 31 gives us just as much detail about the virtuous man, as it does about the virtuous woman. Although it speaks about the woman, it is written for the man as a guideline for identifying a godly wife (see our previous blog post). We often preach to women about becoming the woman described in Proverbs 31, but we seldom speak to men about developing the character worthy of such a woman. Husbands and wives need to be equally yoked; therefore, we also need to train men to be husbands, just as much as we train women to be wives. What are some of the characteristics of a godly man we can find in Proverbs 31?

  1. The virtuous man is careful not to waste his energy and anointing on the wrong things/people (verses 1 – 7). Again, see our previous blog post.
  2. He understands the rarity of a virtuous woman and places much value on her (verse 10).
  3. He stands up for righteousness and justice, and defends the rights of the defenseless (verses 8 – 9).
  4. He is secure in the decision he made to marry her. The confidence he has in her is because he knows that her love for the Lord supersedes her love for him; therefore, she will always aim to please the Lord concerning him. He trusts her to take care of their family and the entire household, and to make decisions in his absence (verses 11 – 12; verse 23; verse 27).
  5. He is a leader. His character earns him respect amongst fellow leaders (verse 23).
  6. He is hard working and diligent, and inspires her to do the same (verses 12 – 19).
  7. He calls forth, supports, encourages and cultivates the queen in her (verse 28 – 29).
  8. He values the spirit of a woman and her reverence for the Lord above her physical appearance. He understands the importance of true, soul-deep beauty in a woman (verse 30).
  9. He praises his wife, not only in private, but in the presence of others (verse 31).

If the woman described in Proverbs 31 v 10 – 31 is to be a reflection of her husband; that means that he handles his wife with wisdom and respect. He has integrity, and loves and leads her faithfully (Ephesians 5 v 25 – 27). He fears the Lord, which is why he values and appreciates his wife’s love and respect for God.

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