A Call To Return To Purity And Holiness

Lately I have really been feeling God say that we as the Body of Christ need to return to purity and holiness.

Purity is currently a forgotten concept because we are more consumed with fitting in with modern culture than we are consumed with Jesus and seeking His Kingdom first. At times I feel truly overwhelmed and grieved when I see us, who are supposed to represent Christ to the world, justifying our unholy lifestyles with logic and cultural comparisons.

I believe that God is raising up His servants – young people in particular – to usher in a wave of revival amongst the saints that will not only set us ablaze for Jesus but will draw us back to the basic principles of Christianity. Basic principles that the righteous men and women of the Bible demonstrated. Basic principles that the preachers and evangelists of old emphasised: repentance; salvation; holiness; purity; obedience – God above everything. A love for the Word of God above sermons by the day’s most popular preachers.

We often think of purity only as abstaining from sex while single, but it’s so much deeper than that. Purity is a heart posture that places what pleases God above what pleases the flesh; and that includes anything we can think of.

Purity means having a heart that is untainted and uncontaminated before the Lord. Presenting yourself as a living sacrifice to God, ready to lay down your life and desires for His. Of course, we cannot be without flaw. We sin and we fail, however, we need to fight against habitual sin.

Joh Piper states it like this:

The mark of a believer is not the absence of sin but the fact that we are fighting sin.

And let’s be honest, the lines between genuine Christianity and heresy have been blurry for quite some time now. So much so that we have become accustomed and comfortable with justifying our sinful behaviour, instead of repenting and looking to Christ for victory over our struggles.

I believe that is about to change, though. We are about to return to holiness and purity, and we will experience the presence of God like never before.

May we seek God at all times and above all else.

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