Rise Up, Woman of God

I am calling forth the warrior in you, woman of God – rise up!

We were made for so much more than bake sales and high teas. Our purpose is not limited to being wives and mothers, barefoot in the kitchen. Realise who you are, daughter of God!

I am calling forth the woman of destiny on the inside of you, waiting anxiously to be set free and do the will of her Father. You are more than a conqueror in Christ. You are a lover and a fighter; a princess and a soldier. You were not made to crumble under the weight of your circumstances; you were made to be victorious over them.

Within you lies the same power that raised Christ from the dead – why are you allowing the arrows of the evil one to overtake you, while all you have to do is speak God’s Word? In your hands you hold the very weapons you need to defeat every demon in hell, but you sit back and let them steal from you? They steal your peace, your joy, and your blessings. They steal your health, your voice and your sense of purpose. How long will you sit by and let it happen? All of heaven is waiting on you to step into your destiny. Your Heavenly Father is whispering your name, calling you into the depths of purpose.

Rise up, woman of God, rise up!

I call forth a spirit of courage and boldness to rise up within you; and I condemn every spirit of fear and timidity. I speak over you a heart of tenacity and persistence; a single-minded focus on your Father’s business.

You can do this – you were born for this!

You were not made to feel intimidated and insecure. Begin to see yourself as God sees you! I pray you become more aware of who you are, dear woman of valor. I pray you begin to walk in your God-given authority. Walk in bravery and walk in love. Walk in purpose and on purpose, knowing that if the Lord has called you to do it, He will sustain you through it.

Rise up, woman of God – your destiny awaits! You will stand before the throne of God one day and hear the words, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

Remain rooted in Christ and always remember that you are just the vessel, this is all about Jesus.

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