The Mark Of a Queen Is Not a Crown

Anyone can wear a crown, but not everyone who wears a crown has the heart of a queen.

A queen is faithful first and foremost to her King (God), to her kingdom (the Kingdom of God and its principles) and to her people (the people she’s called to serve). She submits to the mission of her King.

She chooses to have an attitude of servanthood instead of an attitude of entitlement.

She understands that being a queen is a calling and not a duty. She takes care of her domain.

A queen understands she cannot afford to follow the crowd because she must be able to lead; and in order to lead, she will have to break mental barriers and perceptions and be willing to lose the support of some who don’t agree with her.

She always has a mission and a purpose; for her idleness is not an option. This doesn’t mean that she’s constantly “busy”, but that everything she does is done with a goal in mind. She prefers bearing fruit over a long task list.

A queen is not everyone’s “friend” and everyone is not her “friend”. She keeps her circle small and intimate because she understands the value that a true friend adds to her life (and also the cost of letting the wrong people in).

A queen has a humble heart. Although she fully understands who she is, she doesn’t let it go to her head or allow it to make her prideful. She doesn’t treat others less than herself, but understands that her position places her in the perfect spot to elevate others.

A queen knows what she is worth. She understands her identity and doesn’t allow anyone to treat her in a way that is contrary.

She carries a spirit of prayerfulness, kindness and generosity.

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A queen is not moved simply by titles, she takes pride in “walking the talk”. Her focus is on living out God’s word rather than just speaking of it.

A queen doesn’t need to show off who she is for the approval of others, she understands that she is who she is, whether others recognise it or not.

A queen never needs to announce her position, her character speaks for itself.

She doesn’t waste time clearing up misconceptions, she lets her actions do the talking.

A strong and beautiful mind is her goal; she is not entertained by outer appearances.

A queen is not jealous, nor does she waste energy on pulling others down because she understands that when someone on her team wins, she wins. Even if you’re not on her team, she’ll still clap for you simply because she enjoys seeing others win. A queen doesn’t compete, she supports.

So often we look for a crown and end up missing a genuine heart of royalty. What does a “crown” represent to you in this day and age? Fancy clothes and shoes? A face covered with make-up? Popularity?

May we learn to look deeper than the surface of a woman to discover who she truly is.

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