Nice Doesn’t Always Equal a Beautiful Heart

 The most remarkable women in the Bible are known for their virtue, pure hearts, submission, compassion and most of all… unconditional devotion to Jesus
The term “true beauty” gets thrown around a lot, especially on social media platforms. Over the past few days I have been pondering on this and wondering whether I really understand what beauty is.
As Christian women we understand true beauty comes only from Jesus, and He is the only One who makes beauty possible for us. Only He can change our hearts. Yes, we know very well, but it does not mean we do not sometimes get deceived along with the rest of the world. The woman who has a pretty face, always smiles, is friendly and never rude is generally perceived as the one who has a beautiful heart. In short, the “nice” girl always gets credited as being the epitome of true beauty. But – does the Bible ever make mention of “nice” women? Is “nice” one of the characteristics mentioned in scriptures describing a godly woman? Wait – it is not even one of the fruits of the spirit? Would you ever think of someone who smiles at you when in your presence, but gossips about you when you turn your back as someone with a beautiful heart? Would you think someone who has a beautiful heart, if they see you going down the wrong path and know better, but keeps quiet as they watch you walking straight into destruction?
The most remarkable women in the Bible are known for their virtue, pure hearts, submission, compassion and most of all… unconditional devotion to Jesus. In their genuine pursuit of their Saviour, He was able to change their hearts and make them godly women.
How many of us young women know a pretty face and a “nice” personality do not equal a beautiful heart and a gentle & quiet spirit? How many of our young men are easily deceived by what they see on the surface, failing to dig a little deeper and discover a girl’s heart? “True beauty” is about more than what meets the eye – and is certainly about more than a “nice” personality.
The nicest person in the world can also have the most selfish, jealous and deceptive heart. If you want to be able to distinguish between genuine beauty and artificial beauty, get away from the cosmetics, surgery and appearances, and get with the One who is the Author of beauty. He will not only teach you; He will give His beauty to you. They say beauty comes from the inside…but what – or should I say who – exactly is inside of you? Is the Holy Spirit actively living in you? Are you allowing Him to transform you from the inside out?
Sometimes, we focus so much on looking like nice people in the eyes of others, we forget to be genuine, loving, authentic and Jesus-like. Eventually, what is truly inside of our hearts will overflow; and if our focus is on Jesus, our hearts will certainly overflow with Him.

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” – Proverbs 31 v 30

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